Anna Kendrick spent a whole day hilariously live-tweeting her jury duty

by Rob Moran - 30/09/15, 8:26 AM
Anna Kendrick, the rural juror.

Anna Kendrick, the rural juror.Photo: NBC

I always assumed favourable treatment and bribes often played a part, but it seems even famous celebrities aren't exempt from the long, tedious arm of civic bureaucracy. 

Thankfully, as Anna Kendrick proves, they can at least make it interesting for the rest of us - even when it comes to jury duty.

The lovable actress spent a whole day live-tweeting her jury duty - the early morning call-in, the endless waiting around to see if you've been selected, the weird courtroom shenanigans - and it was quite hilarious.


And, like the rest of us, it ended in a late night office visit, because jury duty is still an unacceptable excuse to slack off work, apparently:

Celebrities, they're just like us - right until that midnight glamour mag photo shoot, I guess?

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