Watch: Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Patricia Arquette in amazing 'Last F---able Day' sketch

by Josephine Tovey - 23/04/15, 10:23 AM
Your favourite ladies giving the finger to Hollywood ageism.

Your favourite ladies giving the finger to Hollywood ageism.

The ageism and sexism in Hollywood that meant Sally Field went from playing Tom Hanks' love interest in her early 40s to playing his mother in her late 40s has been skewered in a viral sketch by comedian Amy Schumer and starring screen luminaries Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette.

In the wry skit that aired in the season premiere of Inside Amy Schumer on Tuesday night in the United States, the 33-year-old comedian stumbles across Fey, Louis-Dreyfus and Arquette drinking wine and eating cakes in an idyllic glade.


"Is it somebody's birthday?" asks a wide-eyed Schumer.

No, they tell her, they are here to celebrate Louis-Dreyfus' "last f-ckable day."

"In every actresses' life, the media decides when you finally reach the point where you're not believably f-ckable any more," says Louis-Dreyfus, 54, with a grin.

Schumer, looks perplexed. "Who tells you?" she asks.

"Well nobody really tells you," says Tina Fey, 44,  "but there are signs. You know how Sally Field was Tom Hank's love interest in 'Punchline' and like, 20 minutes later she was his mom in 'Forrest Gump'?"

"Or you might get offered a rom-com with Jack Nicholson where you're competing with another woman," says Arquette, 47, taking another sip of wine. 

"I just had an audition for Mrs Claus."

The kinds of films you get offered after this point tend to have vague names like "Whatever it takes" or "She means well" Louis-Dreyfus says.

"But what about men, who tells men when it's their last f-ckable day?" asks Schumer to a round of laughter.

Never, they say. 

"They could be a hundred with white spiders coming out," says Fey, who later tells the group Bruce Willis, 60, is dating an "actual baby lamb."

Schumer, star of the upcoming film Trainwreck, has steadily built a reputation for sharp, feminist comedy with her program, now in its third season on Comedy Central. Tuesday's season premiere also featured a satirical sketch about young athletes and rape that parodied the show Friday Night Lights.

Schumer told the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this week that the ageism skit had been in the works since the first season of her show but that several other famous actresses had turned it down before she got her "dream cast".

"They were kind of outraged by the same stuff that we thought was unfair also," said Schumer, according to Business Insider.

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